Race Information


The Kauri Classic (32km), Kauri Half (23km) and Kauri Loop  (12m) 


Date & Time: From 3.00pm - Friday 3rd May

and from 7.00am  Saturday 4th May

Venue :  Coromandel School Hall

Bus Service

Date & Time: 8.30am - Saturday 4th May
Venue : Coromandel School Hall

Briefing 32km

Date & Time: 10.00am
Venue : Waikawau Beach Reserve

Start 32km - Kauri  Classic

Time: 10.30am
Venue : Waikawau Beach

Cut Off - At top of Kennedy Bay Road - 4pm

Briefing 23km - Kauri Half Marathon

Time:  09.45am

Venue: White Star Station, Colville

Start 23km - Kauri Half Marathon

Date & Time: 10.00am
Venue : White Star Station, Colvile

Briefing 12km  - Kauri Loop

Date & Time: 11.15am
Venue : Jacks Point

Start 12km  - Kauri Loop

The start is at Jacks Point just outside (500m) of Coromandel town on the way to Long Bay.

 Date & Time: 11.30am
Venue : Jacks Point

Prize Giving

Date & Time:  4.00pm 
Venue : Coromandel School Field


Note:  See competitor notes, on this page, for details of all 3 races

Race Categories

Individual Runners  Ultra, 32km, 23km and 12km  (Men and Women)

Please note the 32km event is for 18 years of age and older


Walkers (Men and Women) (32km, 23km and 12km)

No age categories

Information 32km, 23km and 12km

Click here for information, course description, map and profile of 32km and 23km course

Click here for map of 13km course

Information - Ultra

Click here for information and maps and profile regarding the Ultra in 2020.

Competitor Notes

Please find below detailed competitor notes and race maps for each distance.

Please click on links below, print off and read carefully. These notes will help you prepare for your event. They also contain important safety messages:


Classic 32km

Half Marathon 23km

Loop 12km



Map - Classic - 32km

Map - Half marathon - 23km

Map - Loop - 12km

Bus Service

32km and 23km Distances

Competitors can get a bus to the start line at Waikawau Beach (32km)  or the White Star Station (23km)

The following services will be running

Bus leaves Coromandel School at  8.30am

The bus tickets are $25 each and can be purchased online when you enter.

If you have already entered and would like to purchase a bus ticket please click on the following link:

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